Volunteer FAQ

Who do we serve?

We serve those who lost their homes in Hurricane Harvey. They do not have flood insurance and are otherwise homeless. 

Do I need building experience?

No experience necessary! There are general duties that anyone can help with as well as on-site coordinators willing to teach and train any skill you are willing to learn! 

Do I need tools?

Tools are supplied by Rebuild on the job sites but If you have personal tools that you would like to bring, it would definitely help! We just recommend that you write your name on them so they don't get mixed up or lost. We also recommend that professional tradesmen bring tools specific to their skill set. 

Does Rebuild offer accommodations?

Yes. Through our partnerships with local churches, organizations, and donated mission homes, we can house and feed volunteers near our job-site locations at no cost. 

What is Rebuild Ministries?

Rebuild Ministries is our 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We stand on the firm belief that building comes second to ministry and sharing the gospel. We hold daily devotionals and prayer with homeowners and locals in the communities. 

I have experience. Can I lead my own team?

Absolutely! When you fill out our volunteer experience form, simply click the box letting us know that you are a team leader! 

What do I pack?

You'll want to pack the following items:

-Work clothes that can be ruined. Jeans and long sleeve shirts are best.

-Boots (rubber or work).

-Pajamas / relaxation clothes

-Casual Daily wear (church is casual)


-Normal toiletries

We are a large group, will we all be working together?

In most cases, yes. Your group will stay together (if you are staying with us), and work together. With multiple job sites working and different skill sets, your group may sometimes be split up and dispatched to different addresses. Our goal is to make sure that each individual serves in the area that is most beneficial. 

Will there be ministry opportunities while volunteering?

As a Christian organization, ministry is our most important mission. We encourage our volunteers to take breaks from work anytime there is an opportunity to do God's work. From praying with families, spreading hope and love to those in need, or sharing the Gospel with non-believers volunteering with us. Our prayer is that Jesus will be revealed to our applicants through your good works. ALWAYS MINISTER!

Is there church on Sunday, or do we work?

We have church in the local community where we are serving with all the volunteers and neighbors. It is a great opportunity to meet the community and spend time with those who need your help. We do not work on Sundays.  

My church/organization raised money to help with a home. How do we know what to buy?

Let us know as soon as possible if you are bringing a budget and how much. We can choose a specific family for you to adopt during your mission. We will purchase and deliver all needed materials for the family you are blessing. During your trip, you will join the family in rebuilding their home.