Harvey Victim FAQ

What criteria do I have to meet to apply for assistance?

The following criteria are required to apply:

- You must be the homeowner or acting on their behalf.

- You must have been without flood insurance during Harvey.

Who pays for you to rebuild my home?

We are strictly volunteers. We do not charge our applicants and we do not have any paid staff. 

I got a check from FEMA. What do I do with it?

Do not spend it on anything other than bare necessities. Although our services are free to Harvey Victims, materials to build your home are quite costly. Our program requires you to use FEMA rebuild assistance money to purchase materials needed to build your home. 

My FEMA check was not enough to buy all the materials. What do i do?

Don't worry, your situation is extremely common. Once your FEMA assistance has been used to purchase materials, we then provide the remaining materials through donations and our "adopt a family" program.  

After I paid for my materials, I had extra money from my FEMA assistance. Who gets it?

On the rare occasion that your FEMA assistance is more than you needed for materials, our program requires you to help purchase materials for another family in need.

Once I apply, what can I expect?

You will be contacted by someone from our team. We will then send someone to assess your home, make a material list, and prioritize your situation for our list from P1-P5. Homeless, unhealthy, elderly, and veterans will be set as P1 down to small minor repairs as P5. We will then sit down with you, go over the rebuild process and timeline.