The Cajun Army

Immediately after the Cajun Navy wrapped up the rescue efforts, The Cajun Army took over. They have been gutting and cleaning homes and have combined their volunteers with the builders of Rebuild South Texas to expedite the process. Their amazing work is being talked about all over the world and Rebuild is lucky to work with this amazing organization.

The Epicenter Harvey Relief

The Epicenter has graciously opened their doors to our crews offering shelter, parking, food, showers, and storage. We are all on a mission to Rebuild South Texas and the Epicenter houses missionaries from all over the world with one common purpose...spreading the word of Jesus through His good works. 


Battle Cry Ministries

 Battle Cry has already been working with The Cajun Army to muck and clean out homes affected by Hurricane Harvey and have now combined resources with Rebuild South Texas to assist in the rebuilding process. Battle Cry organizes and coordinates missionaries from around the Unites States, including youth groups, college campus crusades, church groups, corporate groups, and many others wanting to volunteer services to our combined missions.   


Forward Edge International

Forward Edge International has an amazing vision:  To see vulnerable children cared for, disaster victims restored, and everyone involved with Forward Edge discovering and pursuing God’s plan for their lives. They have been involved by providing missionaries with the willingness to do whatever it takes to support our mission with volunteers, donations, and equipment. Find out more at www.forwardedge.org.

First Baptist Church of Porter

First Baptist Church of Porter, Texas continues to house missionaries from all over the country who are here to serve in our relief efforts and spread the Gospel. They continue to be involved in many other ways as well by providing tools, materials, transportation, equipment, and volunteers. 

Fayette Baptist Church, Tennesse

Fayette Baptist Church in Somerville Tennessee has joined Rebuild with missionaries dedicated to spreading the Gospel through God's work. FBC has multiple mission trips in the near future to continue assisting with our ministry. Learn more about FBC at http://fayettebaptist.com.